钢制拦污所受荷载,除自重外,主要是污物堵塞后,在栅前后由于水位差形成的水荷载,一般按 2~4m水头考虑。拦污栅的栅面尺寸决定于过栅流量和允许过栅流速。为减少水头损失和便于清污,一般要求过栅流速不大于1.0m/s左右。拦污栅可以做成固定的或能够起吊的。

  LWS type of plane steel bar grating, design production coating machine of the People's Republic of China ministry of water resources water resources and hydropower engineering steel gate manufacture installation and acceptance standard \"DL / 5018-94 standard technical files, choose atlas s503 90-35.

 LWS type of plane steel bar grating, is made up of steel framework, article grate after welding. The flat steel bar corrupt grille has a beautiful appearance, simple structure, convenient installation, safe operation, block floater is strong, long service life, maintenance cost, etc.

Steel bar before fouling grille is located in the inlet, used for water flood of reeds, and drift wood debris of the box lattice structure (commonly called dirt).

 Steel bar corrupt grid made up of frame, diaphragm plate and grille bar, bearing on concrete block wall, generally made of steel. Article grid spacing depending on the dirt size, how much, and use requirements. Article hydropower station in the grid spacing depends on the turbine models and sizes, in order to make sure by blocking the dirt grille dirt won't card shall prevail in the turbine flow components. Drainage tunnel and general no drain grating grille drain hole, such as hole diameter or size is not big, but wood is more need to set up, grille bar spacing should be increased.

Steel bar grating by load, in addition to the dead weight, mostly contamination jams, formed in the grid due to the difference between before and after the water load, generally considered by 2 ~ 4 m head. Drain grating grille grille surface size depends on the grille flow and allow the grid velocity. In order to reduce head loss and easy clean-up, general asked about grille flow rate is not more than 1.0 m/s. Drain grating grating used as the fixed or capable of lifting.